Why Exhibit?

  • A unique opportunity for your brand awareness and new product promotion
  • Exchange of information with important companies and members of the sector
  • Increasing your corporate prestige and your image in the market
  • One-on-one interviews with your consumers, the possibility of market research
  • Possibility to take part in press and media

Exhibitor Services

Area Rental
Exhibitor Support Services
Special Decoration and Demands
Travel and Accommodation
Catering and Service


Exhibitor Profile

Fitness, Fitness, Cardio, Pilates, Yoga Tools and Equipment
Sports / Fitness Halls, Studios (Pilates, Yoga, etc.)
Team Sports Equipment and Accessories
Gymnastics and Physical Practice,
Household Equipment and Equipment
Sports Flooring and Wall Coverings
Sports Textile, Shoes, Bags and Accessories
Healthy Nutrition, Sports Nutrition
Sports Schools, Architectural Offices
Group Fitness Brands
Health Centers
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers
Breath Therapy Centers
Nutritionists & Dietitians
Sports, Wellness and Life Coaches
Beauty and Anti Aging Massage
Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate
Sports Facility Installation Consultants
Sports Magazines
Health Tourism
Sports Federations